All Things Gingerbread Decor

Sep 12, 2022

There is something so cozy and classic about gingerbread decor for the holidays! The warm color of gingerbread can mix so well with just about any color scheme, and even if you like to keep your decor more neutral, gingerbread designs seem to fit right in! I made sure to put some really classic, gingerbread pieces into this 2020 Christmas collection…..take a look!

I had been dreaming up a vintage-like gingerbread bakery sign for my kitchen for months! I love creating something “vintage” for my subscribers that they can easily print, but still feel like it came from the back corner of an antique store!

Ok, if you have followed me long, you know I love to make banners and garlands for every occasion! It’s such an easy way to add a little festivity to so many corners of your home! These gingerbread houses match the ones in my painting, so it all flows just perfect! But guess what?! I’m always a fan of making it known that you can use these cutouts in more ways than just hanging as a banner!

  • hang as a banner

  • hang singles as an ornament

  • prop up on a shelf or table

  • use as a card or added to a gift

  • create a gingerbread village

  • hang from your car mirror (yessss, totally doing this!)

(CBC Pro-tip) - You can always take any print or cutout and glue it to a piece of extra-heavy weight card stock to sturdy it up. This is super handy for making things prop up easier, or for making long-lasting ornaments. You can even brush over the image with Matte Mod Podge to seal it and it will last ages!

Who wants to slip into this real-life gingerbread village with me?! We can pretend…I’m sure it would be the coziest place on earth!

I have a gingerbread ornament made similar to this one from when I was two years old! And it’s still perfect! That little ornament gave me the idea for these last year, so I decided that each year I’ll come out with a slightly tweaked version, and new photos of my kids….and one day we’ll have an entire tree dedicated to their yearly gingerbread ornaments! How fun this is gonna be!

Hope y’all enjoyed this stroll down gingerbread lane! Time to print out all the goodies and get cozy! Can’t wait to see what y’all do with it! Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @christybeasley!