"Be of Good Character" Kids Scripture Cards

Feb 20, 2023

These were such a “God thing” I’m not even sure how to talk about them!

Several months ago I had the idea of creating some scripture cards for kids on “character”. The problem was, my brain was all over the place. I couldn’t narrow down or wrap my mind around how I wanted to make this happen! So I listened to God and I pondered until He made it clear. And that’s how these cards finally made it into a collection!


As I was working on the Bee unit study, I made a print that said “be kind”. And that’s when it hit me! I feel like we are constantly telling kids what not to do, or telling them how to act, but rarely reinforcing regularly WHY good behavior....good CHARACTER is important. I sat down and rapidly wrote out all the words that God was throwing at me, and then looked up scriptures that went along with each word. I added a little blurb (written as if I was talking to my own kids!) on each card.


I don’t know if I’ve ever been more excited for something like this to do with my kids! I feel like it’s a resource that we have needed that I could never find put together in this easy to understand way.

I truly pray that these cards are a help to you as a parent as you navigate the often difficult job of teaching your kids all the important lessons of life. I believe that Godly character is more important than anything they will ever learn academically, and will lead to a life full of joy and abundance!


- Print and gift to friends and neighbors

- Use in Sunday school, Children’s church, or VBS

- Read a card every morning or evening as part of your kids routine, and then hang the cards clipped on a line in a room where they will be seen.

- Pull a card out to compliment your child when you recognize good behavior, reinforcing what they are learning and seeing it in action. For example, “Molly Grace, I saw that you shared your fruit snacks with your friend when they didn’t have anything, that was so GENEROUS. Do you know what generous means? Look at this card.... That makes the heart of God so happy, and I’m so proud of you!”


What a great way to connect with our kids and train them up in the way they should go!

I pray these are a blessing to your family and friends!




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