Bible Journaling Challenge Optional Supply List

Feb 20, 2023

Ok sister! Here’s your optional supply list!!!

I say optional because I want you to know that truly you only need a Bible and a pencil/pen!

BUT, since I know you want this to be fun and something maybe a little different than you are used to, feel free to join in and have fun with any of the below supplies that I love to use!

Some days I just use some tape strips and a pen, other days I go a little further with some watercolors! I mix it up all the time depending on what I’m feeling and how much time I have, and I’m sure you’ll find yourself doing the same! Whatever works best for you!

Supply List:

Here’s some things you may want:

  • A Bible with blank pages or columns

  • or you could also use a journal if you don’t have a Bible you’d like to journal in

  • Pencils/Pens

  • Colored Pencils/Crayons

  • Watercolors + a water brush

  • Stickers

  • Glue

  • printables from your CBC printable subscription!

Here’s some of my personal favs that I use:

  • ESV Interleaved Leather Journaling Bible: This is my fav Bible, and it’s an investment I made knowing it would be a special heirloom to hand down to my kids one day, but also for me to enjoy every step of the way! It has a blank page between every page, so there’s plenty of room to create!

  • Cloth Single Column Journaling Bible: This Bible is simple and give a column on each page for journaling! It’s budget friendly if you aren’t looking to get something leather.

  • For those wanting the Bible’s I designed for Kingfolk Co., they should be restocked sometime in March!
  • Prima Watercolor Confections, Complexion Set: This is a travel friendly, small watercolor tin pan set with my favorite color palette. Those peachy, pink, mustard yellows and browns....I use this more than any other set! 

  • Prima Watercolor Confections, Classics Set: Same type as the above, but with all the classic primary colors. Always good to have on hand! 

  • Micron Pens These are my favorite pens for any writing! I use them in my Bible and my planner! This set comes with 6 pens with different tip sizes. 

  • 100 Dual Tip Brush Pen Marker Set: Listen, you do NOT need 100 markers. BUT I personally am picky about colors and wanted some nice pastel, mustard colors....and I just found that in order to find those colors I had to get a huge set to pick them out haha! So, we have tons of markers, and I gave the kids the ones I don’t use as for everyone ha! 

  •  Assorted Waterbrush Set: There are so many options for waterbrushes, so I’m linking this set from Amazon because it has a good variety of sizes but not too much! I truly only use 1-2 brushes and that’s it! You simply fill these with water, and then you never need a cup of water to dip in!

  • CBC Printable Subscription! You need ZERO art skills if you have these printables! I’ll be showing you a lot more fun ways to use all the cutouts/ephemera for this years challenge!

Ok sister! I think that’s it! Again, you can get started with whatever you have! Please don’t feel like you need any or all of this to start doing this fun challenge with us! Grow into it however you want and enjoy the process!