Easter Story Cards

easter faith lent scripture Mar 21, 2024

This. This is my Easter collection FAV. It took me the longest, moved me the most, and renewed parts of me as I painted.

As I created the Easter Story Cards, I was incredibly moved as it felt like such a close encounter with the message I’ve built my entire life upon. Painting Jesus and His disciples, feeling the weight of Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, to thinking about what it must have felt like when Jesus took His last breath and the veil of the temple was torn and the rocks split wide open…it must have been something to behold! We can behold this message of grace and redemption in our hearts and within our families, and we should always be reminded that it is the cornerstone of what we believe and know to be true!

I beam with joy knowing you’ll be holding these in your hand and walking through them with your families this Easter!

These beautifully illustrated art cards are the perfect way to bring the family together and behold the resurrection story of Jesus Christ.

Art on one side, the corresponding story on the other side; they are so easy to use and will look wonderful displayed in your home as well!

If you are a CBC monthly subscriber, you can easily find these in the All for Love Collection or through the search bar. You can also purchase them individually in my print shop