Gardening Art Bits Stack

art bits floral gardening spring stack Mar 18, 2024

Drum roll please, for another fun set of mini artwork….. 🥁🥁🥁

The Garden Art Bits Stack! 🪴🌷🌱 Mini “garden” artworks for smiles + inspo ✨

Go ahead and ask me how in LOVE I am with this beautiful set!😍

I do actually think it’s my favorite set yet!🪴

Beautiful plant and garden inspired artworks fill this 40 card set with so much life and color —— such a perfect set to welcome spring!🌷

Print on cardstock and enjoy this little stack of garden inspired art bits!

tip:  Order these metal tins to keep your cards in and for the best gift!  Glue the cover card to the top of the tin.  Adorable.


link for tins:

You can download these in the Clubhouse if you have a CBC membership! Or they are available individually in my print shop as well! Enjoy friends!