Glimpses at the Comfort and Joy Collection

Nov 02, 2022

Merry Christmas sweet sister, and welcome to the “Comfort and Joy” collection!!! 🎄🎄🎄

Comfort and Joy is what I pray you experience as you walk through this meaningful collection that I had so much fun creating for you! The Holy Spirit was so kind as I was guided all the way through, although he did scare me a few times!😅

God has shown me so much this year, and I’ve tried my best to lean in and trust His direction in all things, and piece by piece He proved that He is in ALL the details. He speaks, we listen, we take steps, and He makes the path….and that’s exactly how this collection came together. 🎄

It was harder than most, because the list “became” as I worked, which means having a checklist that I could see getting finished wasn’t really happening. But here as I type this at the tail end, just a few days before launch with much left to do, I feel at rest in my spirit, knowing that He built this. He sent all the right pieces, people, and LIFE to this collection! And I’m truly so thankful!🤍

I want to say so much about all the different elements, but you will experience it yourself! But I must add a little extra attention to the advent study! Y’all, my best friend and her husband (Alana and Erick Galicia) wrote this incredible advent study for you, and I have a feeling it’s gonna blow your doors off, challenge you big time, all while comforting your weary heart. We are going to walk through it together and we have some fun things planned throughout advent and ways to connect, so don’t miss that!🥰

With this collection ( + the opened Christmas vault), you will be able to deck your halls, send gifts to friends, bless teachers, entertain your kids, help your kids understand the story of Jesus, and strengthen your heart.🤍

Walk in the light of Christ this Christmas season and spill that light onto others!✨

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If you would like to watch a video of the collection, click here.

Merry Christmas!!!🎄🤍✨