How to Create a Mood Board

Feb 03, 2023

Let’s chat about mood boards! πŸ–€

What is a mood board? —— Well depending on how fancy or important you want to make it, the definition could be different, but here’s my two cents: A mood board should be a compilation of gathered tid-bits, art, typography or words, papers, fabrics, textures, color swatches…..all things that inspire you. Things you want to look at, that draw you in, that just make you feel something.

Putting it together —— βœ‚οΈ Gather all the things for your mood board and determine what you’d like to build it on. You can do this as simply as a collage on a poster board, canvas, cork board, etc. Or you could put it directly on a wall or even a door. I used an old screen door propped against the wall in my studio and I build on top of that using the backside of a canvas and lots of other odds and ins. I hung a few lines with string to clip pieces on as well. Make sure you have clothes pins for clipping things….and paper clips can work well too!

You may have also heard of a “brand board”. These are used mostly by businesses to communicate their style and vibe including colors, fonts, and images that support their brand and the message they want to convey visually. This can be done digitally and is and great idea for any business!

My mood board here is specifically for fun and inspiration!✨ I love having one space where all those random inspiring things can live, and where I can see it all together at any timeπŸ–€

I plan on adding more bits of hand lettering and abstract paint marks to mine very soon, but I’m loving how it’s going and the process was so inspiring in itself!

In the CBC Clubhouse community we have a little mood board challenge running til February 28th (yes I extended the date for you!) 🀍 When you make your mood board you can post a picture there and say something about it! It’s so cool to see everyone’s different style….I’m so into it!😍

Ok final tips: Remember, it’s what INSPIRES you! Don’t get too in your head about this. Seriously think about the things that inspire you that maybe no one else will even understand. That’s so cool. Aside from papers/art, I also have a key, some mini easels, ribbon, crocheted coaster, vintage pieces, a color wheel, paint brushes, vintage scissors, etc. And you can always search “mood boards” on Pinterest for an abundance of inspo!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with! And remember to tag me on Instagram!