Let's Chat Large Art Prints!

Feb 20, 2023

Tell me, have you hung big art in your home, or is it intimidating for you?

I’ve been an artist for a LONG time and I still didn’t hang big art on my walls until recently!  Mostly because I didn’t take the time to do it because it seemed like a big process...which is so silly lol.


I’ll tell you what changed it for me!  A few things actually:

1.  Poster rails or tape!  Not only is it sooo “in” right now, but it’s easy and basically zero commitment!  Perfect for my ever-changing mind๐Ÿคฃ. Poster rails are magnetic and you can change out prints every day if you wanted!  And tape....I don’t even need to elaborate much there.  It’s definitely a thing right now, and you could even use the pretty tape strips from CBC!


2.  Making a gallery wall!  Now, can this be intimidating, it CAN, but doesn’t have to be!  The more eclectic and mixed up the better, so you can’t really mess it up!  Just incorporate different sizes, types of frames, hangers, tape, and random non-art pieces to hang from the wall.  We’ve enjoyed our gallery walls so much!  When we want to change out art, we just pull one down, put in a different print and put it back up.  So easy!


3.  Shelves!  One of my FAV ways to display large and small prints is setting it on a shelf....and that’s basically the easiest thing ever!  Ordering a 16x20 print from our print shop is a great option for this!  You can find some super great and easy to use frames from Hobby Lobby (go when they are on sale or use your coupon!)!  One of the great things about propping up a 16x20 framed print on a shelf is layering a smaller coordinating 8x10 offset in front or beside it!  Add some candle sticks, vase of flowers, or books and you’ve got a slammin’ shelf!


I hope you are inspired to have a little fun with art!  I’ve got a lot of art for you to choose from - full-color paintings, simple hand-lettering, art for kids rooms....so much!

Life is short! Deck those walls, shelves, and throw some joy throughout your home! You’ll be happy you did!



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