How to Make Paper Fan Ornaments

Sep 16, 2022

Wanna make the coolest paper fan ornaments?!😍🎄 I’ve been making these for about 7 years now and can never get enough of them!

I use these for tree ornaments, but also hanging in small little books or added to a vignette!  And I’m a HUGE fan of adding them to packages!  Your friends and family can have extra decorated packages AND an ornament for their tree!  Best EVER.🥰🎄🤍


I’ve learned a few helpful things over the years of mass-making these beauties!  Below is a video where I show how to make them!  It’s simple, but I share a few simple tricks to get you’ll be whipping these out in no time! I show how to make them using some of the fun patterned paper from the Christmas collection, and also how to use old book pages!


And if you take good care of them, they will last years and years!  I still have a lot of the same ones I made 7 years ago!

Here’s the video!

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 Ok, go make some paper fans and let me know what you think!🤍🎄🤍. Tag me on instagram @christybeasley when you make them!!!