Stations of the Cross Cards for Easter and Lent

cards easter lent scripture Mar 15, 2024

“Stations of the Cross" Scripture Cards, a collection of cards that will walk you through the events leading up to Jesus’ sacrifice.  Each card features a hand-painted cross that is uniquely crafted with paper, painted and splattered with watercolors giving each their own unique look. The collection comprises a set of 14 beautiful crosses, each representing a different station of the cross, capturing the profound moments of Christ's journey to Calvary. ✝️

Accompanying each cross is the name of the corresponding station of the cross and a scripture, guiding you through the narrative of Jesus' path to sacrifice.❤️

Whether used individually for personal contemplation or shared within a community setting, the Stations of the Cross Cards offer a meaningful and tangible way to engage with most important story known to man. Allow these cards to inspire and deepen your connection to the profound Gospel of Christ.📖

Print on cardstock and cut out.  Use in your own devotion time and print a set as a gift for a friend as well!  Great for use in churches and small groups!😍


These are available in my membership in the Garden My Life collection! Or you can purchase them individually in the print shop. Enjoy friends!