The Art Bits Stack

Feb 01, 2023

Art Bits Stack πŸ–€

Another CBC favorite right here!😍


These cards are a mini size and fit perfectly in the little metal tins I’ve linked below!


This is a mini set of art cards that I hope are inspiring and fun for you to enjoy!


You’ll love having these around, and you’ll also love giving them as a special gift to a friend🀍

There’s such a mixture of mini landscapes, charcoal sketches, color palettes, words, and other random goodness in this fun little stack! 🎨


Here’s how you get the look:


For the cards:

  1. Print the cards on cardstock and cut out.

  2. If you’d like, use a rounded corner punch to round the corners.


For the tins:

  1. Order these tins from Amazon:

Pack of 10:

Pack of 40:


2. If you’d like, paint the tin with an off white acrylic paint or the color of your choice. I did two coats. I did inside and out.


3. Then I used Distress Oxide just barely to make it look more vintage. Just put a tiny bit on a rough paint brush and you may even want to brush some off before putting it on the tin.


4. Once dry, use matte Mod Podge to glue the cover card to the top of the tin. If you’d like you can also Mod Podge over the top of the card to seal it.


5. Now just put the cards in the tin!


So fun isn’t it?!?! 😍

I’m definitely obsessed with these and will be making more sets like this to fit in the tins!πŸ–€


I hope you love them as much as I d