Women of Faith Unit Study

May 14, 2024

Christian Women of Faith Unit Study ✝️

Explore the inspiring lives of eight remarkable Christian women of faith in this encouraing unit study. Each page highlights the stories of missionaries and teachers of the Gospel of Jesus who have gone before us, paving the way with their courage, dedication, and unwavering faith. 📖

Through this unit study, you will learn about the challenges these women faced and how their trust in God guided them to make a positive impact on the world. As you read their stories, you will discover the power of living a life of intention and purpose, shining for Jesus in everything you do.

To deepen your understanding and inspire you further, the unit study includes a world map showing where each lady worked, follow-up questions, writing prompts, and creative arts exercises. These activities are designed to help you reflect on the lessons from each woman's life and apply them to your own life.❤️✍🏼

Let these women encourage you to live each day with faith, love, and awareness of your impact on the world. May their stories inspire you to follow in their footsteps, shining brightly for Jesus and making a difference in your community and beyond!✨

*** This unit study is geared toward older children in its information and writing style, though parents can easily size it down and simplify the material for younger children. Just read the bullet points and paraphrase sections for them. Even littles can be inspired by the stories! Older children and even adults can really utilize the whole unit in a really special way. This would also be a beautiful study for women’s ministries! We are very excited about how this unit study turned out and what will come from it!✨